Free fire Info and Details

Garena Free Fire (Free Fire) claimed the most popular mobile export title in 2019 by creating a tournament circuit that amazed a tremendously large viewership of almost 2 million.
This battle royale game was developed and published by Garena for IOS and Android users. Free Fire’s significant contrast is the ability that it has to be able to run on a wide range of smartphones.
Users can play Free Fire on devices with 1GB RAM or higher, unlike pubg mobile that is not compatible for smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM. This ability of Free Fire positioned it as an alternative to pubg mobile in the gaming market. 
Garena launched this game two years ago, and it was ranked on the second number buy revenue in India. As per the mobile application’s data, in 2019, free Fire was the most downloaded game on smartphones.
Reports have shown that 450 million registered users and 50 million active users dated in September 2019.
Free Fire is famous in India, Brazil, and Indonesia, and it is said to be the highest-grossing game in South East Asia and Latin America. 
In 2019 an international event in Bangkok and Thailand was known as the free Fire World Cup, in which around 1 million people witnessed this tournament on a Livestream.
Later this record was outranked by the Free Fire World Series held in Brazil in November with the price of $400, and this tournament had a viewership of 2 million people. 
Free fire Info and Details
Free Fire is an online-based action adventure battle game that is played from a third-person perspective. The game comprises 50 players that fall from a parachute on an island and look for weapons and equipment to kill other players.
Players can choose their starting position on their own, and they can extend their battle Life by taking new weapons and supplies. The composition of this game is similar to pubg mobile.
The players’ ultimate motive in this game is to survive on the island and eliminate the opponents. The last survivor of this game stands as a winner.
The graphics of this game are of a significant benefit for low specification phones as this game is compatible with low GB RAM smartphones.
So, if you are somebody who looks for excellent graphics in fun, then Free-Fire battlegrounds won’t impress you. But if you are passionate about battle royale games, you should try out the Free Fire with your friends. 
Design and Modes
The creation of free Fire is done so that it offers versatility and plenty of features To The gamers. The developers have expanded the catalog of this game to include new gaming modes.
The new ways that the developers have launched have become quite attractive for the mass wild they keep on experimenting with, offering some variety and breaking through the monotonous experience.
Garena free fire has a gaming mode of classic, clash squad, rush hour, kill secured, and big head. Some of these gaming modes are available on some days, while classic and clash squad are the staple modes.
At the end of the game, everyone gets rewarded with prizes as per their performance. Some of the prices are related to cosmetics, while some get upgraded characters. 
Free Fire Maps
When the game was released initially, it had just one battle royale mode map, Bermuda. But with its advancement, developers have launched new maps.
All of the three maps are identical in size, but they all have different aspects in one way or the other. The three maps of this game are Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.
Free fire Info and Details
The major attraction of this game is the design of the characters that have their backstories and motives. The most important feature of the characters in Free Fire is the scale that each character possesses, and it offers a unique performance and significantly changes the way you play. There are 30 characters available, and the choice of your character will depend on your play style. 
Some of the best characters of free Fire are Alok, Kapella, Clu, Wolfrahh, Moco. The characters of this game have a real-life perception instead of just being the creation of the developers. For example, Alok is based on the Brazilian DJ a and the newest character launched in this game is Jai, which is based on an Indian actor named Hrithik Roshan.
Moving on to the weapons of Free Fire, this game has a wide variety of firearms that are characterized separately, such as Pistols (HG), Assault Rifles (AR), Submachine Guns (SMG), Shotguns (SG), Sniper Rifles (SR), and Melee.
The choice of guns and weapons also depends on the player’s playstyle, with few weapons being the staples for most players. The best weapons of free Fire are known to be shotguns, SMGs, and ARs. 
Wrapping up
Even after having useful features, indeed, this game is relatively unknown. With Pubg and Dota 2 still ruling the gaming market, Free Fire is still establishing its mark, and the popularity of this battle royals game is rising very fast. It gained popularity in some of the gaming areas leaving behind Fortnite mobile. Though most of the gamers have been facing bugs, they were fixed by the developers soon.