5 Things to be careful in Shanghai

5 Things to be careful in Shanghai
Here’s some useful information for you if you are planning to spend a vacation in the bustling and vibrant city of Shanghai in China. From delicious Chinese cuisines to thriving nightlife and tall skyscrapers, there are plenty of attractions for foreign tourists in Shanghai, China. A trip to Shanghai can be exciting and can ensure a true Asian experience. That being said, there are certain things one needs to be wary of before traveling to Shanghai. Here’s our list of 5 things to be careful in Shanghai when traveling alone.
Is Shanghai Expensive?
Shanghai is undeniably the most expensive of all the cities in Mainland China and is much more expensive than Hong Kong. But for Americans, Shanghai still works out cheap because of the higher dollar exchange value when compared to the weaker Chinese Yuan.
Here’s our list of dos and don’ts in Shanghai for a hassle-free holiday. The 5 Things to be careful in Shanghai are:
Be careful when visiting the nightclub areas of Shanghai
The popular nightclub areas like Ju Le Rd and Mao Ming Rd in Shanghai are infested with a lot of nightclubs and restaurants and these places are known for posing a high level of risk for foreign tourists. Incidents like brawls within the nightclubs and getting beaten up while walking on the streets by the locals after getting high on alcohol in the dead of the night are quite common in Shanghai. So foreigners, especially travelers from US need to be careful when spending time at the city’s nightclub areas.
Beware of pick pocketers in Shanghai
Pickpocketing is another common safety issue in the bustling capital of Shanghai like in most cities in the world. Foreigners fall prey to pick pocketers while walking on the narrow alleys or while using the public transportation modes of bus and metro lines in the peak hours of travel. For this reason travelers are advised to use the plastic money or digital wallets as a means for payment and not carry huge amounts of hard currency as there’s a high risk of losing the money.
Don’t mix up your airports and / or train stations
The city of Shanghai is served by two international airports and two rail stations for traveling. Always be careful about the departing airport and the departing railway station in Shanghai, traveling to the wrong airport / rail station can cost you a fortune, especially if you were to miss your flight or a train to a new destination. Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao Airport are the two international airports serving Shanghai.
Be careful about scams targeting foreign tourists in Shanghai
Scamming the foreign tourists is a common crime in Shanghai and for this reason travelers must be wary of such scams and not become victims to such scammers. The thumb rule is to always believe in paying the full price for whatever things you are looking for and don’t believe in
Make sure you have your hotel address in the native Chinese language
Moving around in Shanghai may not be as easy as you think it is, especially if you are a first-time visitor to Shanghai. All the signboards at the airports, metro stations and rail stations are displayed in the local Chinese language and most people do not understand English. For this reason, always make sure to get your hotel address written on a small piece of paper by your hotel manager in the Chinese language that is understandable to the locals so that in the event you get lost in Shanghai you could still reach your hotel destination without any difficulty.