R Ashwin explains why Rahul Dravid and support staff opted to take a break from New Zealand tour | Cricket News

 NEW DELHI: On Thursday, former India head coach Ravi Shastri was unimpressed with Rahul Dravid and support staff for taking a break by not being a part of the white-ball tour to New Zealand. Now, ace India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin explained that why Dravid and other members of the support staff have taken the break, citing the mental and physical fatigue while preparing for a marquee tournament like the recent Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia. VVS Laxman, the current head of the National Cricket Academy (NCA), is the stand-in head coach for the New Zealand tour, with Hrishikesh Kanitkar (batting coach), Sairaj Bahutule (bowling coach) and Munish Bali (fielding coach) assisting him for the white-ball matches.

‘Time traveller’ warns European city will be ‘destroyed by meteor’ in 2023

‘Time traveller’ warns European city will be ‘destroyed by meteor’ in 2023


A ‘TIME traveller’ who claims to be from the future has revealed the exact day a major European city will be “destroyed by a meteor.”

A TikTok user, who goes by the name ‘Time Voyager’, claims to know the devastating fate of several countries in a new series of alarming videos – and the first is very soon.

Hellbent on warning the world about possible future events, the user claims that Amsterdam would be the first city to fall in a catastrophic series of events.

The bizarre video claims: “Attention! Yes, I am a real time traveller, these are two major events to come in the Netherlands.

“January 4, 2023: A bunker is discovered that has secrets from ancient civilisations.

“April 28, 2023: Amsterdam is hit by a meteor, with it destroying most of the city.”

George Clooney And Julia Roberts Visit Bali In A Heartfelt Remembrance.

George Clooney And Julia Roberts Visit Bali In A Heartfelt Remembrance.

The romcom is dying — why? There are societal and economic factors to consider, pertaining to the collapse of mid-budget studio filmmaking and the according shift in audience tastes that’s created a feedback loop of demotivation for their development. But watching Ticket to Paradise, a paid vacation to Bali sold as a low-effort trifle for middle-aged couples afforded a few hours of freedom by the babysitter, it seems like the real issue lies in the failure to cultivate human resources.

What Monkeys Can Teach You About Doubling Your Traffic And Selling More Cars

Okay, so enough with the monkey business…What does this have to do with selling more cars? Here’s how attracting the 98% will get you more traffic. See, that’s the Miracle Of The Car Business. Everyone wants to drive a Nicer, Newer® car.

Have you ever watched a monkey open a banana?

Turns out, they don’t open from the stem like we do. Instead, they take the path of least resistance and open it from the bottom tip.

By doing this, they’re able to access the fruit more easily and without damaging it or fighting with the strong stem.

Why is the UK’s west coast mainline railway in chaos?


A “meltdown” of cancellations, delays and overcrowding on the west coast mainline, one of the UK’s busiest rail routes, is damaging the economy and risking economic growth, regional leaders and business groups have warned.

Avanti, the operator, slashed its timetable two months ago due to “severe” staffing shortages, leaving passengers unable to book seats in advance or reliably travel between the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Despite the disruption, ministers on Friday confirmed that the company would have its contract temporarily extended for six months. They also put Avanti on notice, warning it must “drastically improve” as it rolls out a recovery plan.

The problems come as the industry has rebuilt service levels following the coronavirus crisis, but faces government pressure to cut costs after being bailed out with £16bn of taxpayer money during the pandemic.

Biden visits Puerto Rico after Fiona, commits to recovery ‘as long as it takes’

Biden visits Puerto Rico after Fiona, commits to recovery ‘as long as it takes’

(WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden on Monday visited Puerto Rico and will head to Florida on Wednesday after hurricanes ravaged the two areas.

In Ponce, on the south side of Puerto Rico, the Bidens surveyed damage from Hurricane Fiona, which killed more than two dozen people on the island last month. Along with meeting with families, community and political leaders from the island, they participated in a community service project to help pack bags with food and other essential items and were joined by Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Deanne Criswell.

Take a Look at the 7 Biggest Hotel Pools in America

Take a Look at the 7 Biggest Hotel Pools in America

Glenwood boasts the world’s largest natural hot spring.

Glenwood Hot Springsœ Resort The world’s largest hot springs pool may not be as glamorous as a few other options on the list, but it’s just as relaxing. Not to mention: The naturally heated water is chock-full of 15 different minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and silica, to name a few, that do everything from relieving muscle aches to eliminating toxins and increasing circulation. In other words, the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is like a trip to a holistic doctor’s office—in the best way.

Travel Industry Sees Recovery in Caribbean, Africa, Antarctica, Israel

Travel Industry Sees Recovery in Caribbean, Africa, Antarctica, Israel

Herd of elephants in the african savannah Photographer: pierivb/iStockphoto

Photographer: pierivb/iStockphoto

7 Travel Without Charts That Had Actually Gone Means Too Far

Journeying without maps is a remarkably preferred way for folks to travel around the entire world. Without charts, a lot of people are totally uninformed of the nearby lawful criteria and also threats of traveling out in the wide open without charts. Without having proper maps with them, it’s difficult for all of them to recognize their true place, which can easily lead to dangerous situations. Listed below is actually a check out how very easy it is to get yourself in to difficulty when you’re journeying without a chart. travel without maps

5 Things to be careful in Shanghai

5 Things to be careful in Shanghai

Here’s some useful information for you if you are planning to spend a vacation in the bustling and vibrant city of Shanghai in China. From delicious Chinese cuisines to thriving nightlife and tall skyscrapers, there are plenty of attractions for foreign tourists in Shanghai, China. A trip to Shanghai can be exciting and can ensure a true Asian experience. That being said, there are certain things one needs to be wary of before traveling to Shanghai. Here’s our list of 5 things to be careful in Shanghai when traveling alone. Is Shanghai Expensive?