• How Can Datanyze Be Used?
  • Scale Your Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment With Datanyze
  • Use Case #1: Finding Accurate Contact Information for Prospects
  • Use Case #2: Qualifying New Leads
  • Use Case #3: Lead Segmentation
  • Use Case #4: Warm Up Your Outreach
  • Use Case #5: Enhancing Your Recruitment
  • One Affordable Tool, Many Uses
  • If you work in sales or marketing, you may have come across Datanyze. Our Google Chrome extension is pretty well known among reps, many of whom use it to find vital information about prospects and leads.

    But what can this tool actually do for your team?

    Well, it turns out that there are several great use cases for Datanyze. If you’re thinking about giving it a try but you’re not sure of the benefits, you have come to the right place.

    In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how Datanyze can improve your sales process and help you run a more efficient lead gen machine.

    How Can Datanyze Be Used?

    Datanyze is primarily a tool for gathering information about B2B contacts and other professionals. Our Chrome extension gives you access to accurate contact data and company info for over 120 million professionals, available at a click.

    However, there are many different ways to use our platform — from researching new prospects to informing your outreach. Here are five of the most popular ways to use the extension:

    Use Case #1: Finding Accurate Contact Information for Prospects

    Perhaps the most obvious use case of Datanyze is finding contact information for potential customers.

    While it’s definitely possible to find email addresses and direct dial phone numbers by hand, the process can be very time consuming. What’s more, you’re never quite sure whether you have the right details. You can end up wasting even more time sending pitches to the wrong email address, or phoning dead numbers.

    With Datanyze, your sales reps can get access to the right details with minimal effort. All they need to do is navigate to a LinkedIn profile page or any company website, and trigger the extension.

    In seconds, Datanyze will search through a database of 120 million professionals to find matching details. We have 63 million direct dial phone numbers and 84 million email addresses, all collected from GDPR- and CCPA-compliant sources.

    Every prospect you search for is automatically added to your online account, where you can export the data and add it to your CRM.

    Use Case #2: Qualifying New Leads

    Datanyze also has a role to play in marketing and lead generation. As new leads come through your pipeline, our extension can help you identify the most likely customers.

    Say your ideal client operates in the European market, with revenue over $10 million a year and more than 100 staff. You could search online to verify whether each new lead matches these criteria. But with Datanyze, you can get exactly the data you need with a tap.

    Our database holds information on top companies across a range of industries, including revenue, staff, and location. We also take note of what frameworks and APIs are utilized by each business — otherwise known as technographic analysis.

    Whenever you navigate to a LinkedIn profile or company website, you can access this data through the extension. Every search is saved to your online account and, once again, you can later transfer all that sales intelligence to your CRM.

    The end result is that you should be able to compare incoming leads with your ICPs (ideal customer profiles) much faster.

    Use Case #3: Lead Segmentation

    Once you have narrowed down your list to only the most promising leads, you may want to sort them into segments for targeted nurturing. Datanyze can help here, too.

    For a start, the information that Datanyze reveals is really useful for deciding which segment each lead belongs in. As you use the extension to search for individuals and gather company information, leads accumulate in your online account.

    Here, you can start adding tags to organize your contact list. This makes it easy to build segments based on information you gather with Datanyze.

    Later on, you can export these segments individually and pull them into your CRM or email marketing platform, ready to start nurturing.

    Use Case #4: Warm Up Your Outreach

    Whether you’re writing cold emails, making cold calls, or simply trying to connect with leads on social media — having a few icebreakers up your sleeve is a massive advantage. If you use Datanyze, finding these tidbits of information couldn’t be easier.

    Whenever you search for someone via the extension, Nyze will rustle up a detailed profile for that individual. Along with contact data and company information, you can see their professional and education history. This alone could provide you with an “in” for making conversation.

    Even more useful is the dedicated Ice Breakers section.

    In this area, you can see real-time social media posts and new articles related to your target contact. This means you can quickly find out about funding and acquisitions, see what executives are working on, and stay up to date with new product launches.

    When you’re trying to establish a working relationship, this background intel can make all the difference.

    Use Case #5: Enhancing Your Recruitment

    Datanyze isn’t only built for sales teams and marketing professionals. The very same tool can also help your HR team to scale your recruitment efforts.

    Say you’re trying to hire a new account executive. Applications start pouring in, and the HR department goes looking for new talent.

    ATS (applicant tracking system) computer software is pretty good at picking out the most promising résumés, based on the criteria you input. But they won’t necessarily help you find the best candidate.

    For this task, Datanyze can really come in useful. Rather than having to research individual candidates by hand, your HR people can quickly get an overview of any applicant.

    This summary includes all the information you would expect on a résumé, along with those all-important social updates.

    Scale Your Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment With Datanyze

    As we have discovered, there are many different ways to use Datanyze.

    However, there is a recurring theme here: improved efficiency.

    For your sales professionals, Datanyze saves time on lead research, meaning they can spend more time actually interacting with potential customers.

    For marketing teams, Datanyze provides easy access to key information for lead qualification and segmentation.

    And in your HR department, Datanyze helps you to scale your hiring efforts by providing quick access to key information about promising candidates.

    One Affordable Tool, Many Uses

    The best part is, you can use Datanyze for all of these different purposes on a single subscription.

    Pricing starts at just $21/month (paid yearly), and you get complete access to all of the features mentioned above. If you find you need more search credits, you can upgrade at any time.

    Just as importantly, the extension is really easy to use — so adding Datanyze to your workflow isn’t going to slow anyone down.


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