Rishabh Pant be given the opportunity to open, can go gung-ho in the powerplay: Dinesh Karthik | Cricket News

 NEW DELHI: 2022 has been a year where Rishabh Pant has been in and out of the T20I side, coinciding with the form being up and down too. In India’s campaign at the Men’s T20 World Cup, Pant was brought in for the last Super 12 game against Zimbabwe and semi-final against England, but didn’t leave much impact. Now Dinesh Karthik, the veteran wicketkeeper-batter who was preferred by the Indian team ahead of Pant for the lone keeper’s slot since the Asia Cup and till the T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, feels that the young left-hander be given a chance to open the batting for the side in T20Is as he can be attacking from the word go. “We know one thing for sure, Rishabh Pant’s ability to play shots. And when the field is up, he can go gung-ho in the powerplay so we can give him the opportunity to open. Interestingly, his strike rate is highest when he opens.”

705: How Do You Store Your Seeds

705: How Do You Store Your Seeds

  705: How do you store your seeds. In This Seed Chat: 705: How do you store your seeds. A chat with an expert on seeds.


This Simple Masculine Skincare Routine Will Blow Your Mind!

This Simple Masculine Skincare Routine Will Blow Your Mind!

Rise With a Power Wash Balance with Balm A Firm Head Start Special Care for Facial Hair

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Can skincare be masculine? Vital skincare is not just for women anymore. A masculine skincare routine for men is an essential item for their daily handsome regimen.

Are These TikTok Styling Hacks Worth Trying?

The backwards button-down Ruched and resized jeans The sophisticated sweater wrap Covertly cropped blazer

 Photography by Imaxtree.com and iStock. Graphic by Kayleen Dicuangco

#stylinghacks currently has 4.2B views on TikTok. But are these outfit tips just wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen?

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Love Your Hoodie: Different Material and Designs

Configuration Tone and Examples: New Current Material: Different Hoodie Models: Dependably defensive naturally:

Love Your Hoodie: Different Material and Designs The competitor adores their tracksuit. It is emblematic and gives insurance to the player when they warm up. To such an extent, individuals allude to them as the warm-up suit. Each competitor has somewhere around one tracksuit to wear to the field Love Your Hoodie: Different Material and Designs.

What is the difference between a hoodie and a men’s sweater?

Comfortable garments appropriate for the virus times: Contrast between a hoodie and a men’s sweater: Utilized in sports styles and a few cases in easygoing relaxed styles: Elements of a decent quality young ladies coat: Hard for youngsters to unfasten the coat:

What is the difference between a hoodie and a men’s sweater? In the virus times of the year, utilizing warm and thick clothes is vital. Hoodies and sweaters are two unique kinds of well-known comfortable garments available that are famous with teens and youthful grown-ups. From the start, these two kinds of attire have numerous likenesses, including the way that both are active apparel, frequently made of a similar texture.

Easy Changes To Make Your Bedroom Look Luxury

Easy Changes To Make Your Bedroom Look Luxury

Lighting Centrepiece Ceiling To Floor Curtains Incorporate a Rug Place Artwork On The Walls Hotel Pillows Introduce Some Greenery

Everyone wants to live a lavish life, filled with beautiful expensive items. The best way to tell if someone is living in luxury is to see what their home looks like, or is it? Having the home decor of dreams is just one way to look like a person with taste, however, you do not have to break the bank to look like you ooze with richness and class.

Ward Village And The Transformation Of Downtown Honolulu


Kumu Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu chanted as she walked up the stairs and around the atrium at Kōʻula, the sixth high rise project to be completed at Ward Village, the 60-acre master planned community in downtown Honolulu. Leading the Blessing of the 41-story residential building with ocean and city views, she performed the traditional Hawaiian ceremony that cleanses space after construction and before occupation. The assembled crowd included neighbors, construction workers, invited guests and Honolulu employees of the Howard Hughes Corporation, which is developing Ward Village.


Gaining a Celebrity Smile with Veneers

How frustrating can it be not to be able to smile at a joke or open your teeth to make a speech at a special gathering? Or the frustration of not being able to smile and talk to that special someone or be able to get the smile that most celebrities often exhibit on the red carpet just because of your misaligned, misshape and yellowish teeth?

Trust me, it can be so frustrating and annoying until you decide to find a solution, and the best solution is the veneer process.

Just hearing about the veneers process and would like to pass through the process? Below are facts you need to know about the veneers process. But first, let’s take a look at what veneers are.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are considered by many experts to be the surest method to assist you in acquiring the appearance you so much wanted. Dental veneers are the most effective method for those with chipped teeth, a gap between teeth, or misshapen teeth.


To so many people, their skin is just another covering, so they are careless about it, whether it get burnt or not, sun damaged or black spots ,they are not bothered. But you see in this post, I have taken it upon myself to let you know how well your skin can be properly cared for by using vitamin C, so that you don’t have to start treating something you could have prevented. Taking care of your skin could really be cheaper than you thought. Ever heard of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is an essential vitamin in the body? Interestingly, Big C vitamin C is composed of 1000mg of vitamin C plus 50mg of zinc with some other ingredients like rutin, acerola, rose hips, quercetin dihydrate and so on; all in one way or another enriching your skin and your body system generally.