Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor: Was forced to buy 2 crore painting from Gandhis

According to a chargesheet filed by the federal anti-money laundering agency in a special court here, Yes Bank co-founder Rana Kapoor told the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that he was “forced” to buy a M F Husain painting from Congress’s Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, and that the sale proceeds were used by the Gandhi family for Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s medical treatment in New York.

Mr Kapoor also told the ED that the then-petroleum minister, Murli Deora, told him that refusing to buy the M F Husain painting would prevent him from not only building a relationship with the Gandhi family, but also from receiving the ‘Padma Bhushan’ award.

Rana Kapoor’s statements are included in the second supplementary chargesheet (overall third) filed in the special court here recently in a money laundering case against the Yes Bank co-founder, his family, Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) promoters Kapil and Dheeraj Wadhawan, and others.

We Never Fixed The 2020 Election (And This Is How We Did It)

If you’re wondering why we never wanted Donald Trump in the White House, you clearly don’t know how this country really works. Trump is not only a businessman but an outsider. Most of the business people the Government deals with are monopolists who sit down with us and fix the terms of the trade to our mutual benefit.

The United States has a massive bureaucracy whose members are virtually unsackable. We enjoy easy working conditions, perks, freebies, fat pensions, and occasional backhanders from the aforementioned monopolists. Trump was clearly intent on slimming down the bureaucracy and breaking up the cartels; that couldn’t be allowed; a Trump second term would have been disastrous for us.

Benito Graffagnino: Mental Health Activist, Prison Samaritan and Philanthropist

It is very easy to feel that hope is lost and there is nothing that can be done with a person who has been enticed by the darker sides of the street. Benito Graffagnino insists that the reverse is the case not only with his activism but also with his life. He was once a little boy who was a victim of the rotting system of things in foster homes and his neighbourhood. However, he insists that there is no one that cannot achieve rehabilitation and reorientation.

Benito Graffagnino is a British mental health and inmate activist, author, keynote speaker as well as entrepreneur. With his history as an ex-convict, drug dealer and drug smuggler, he is seen as a living encouragement to people who struggle with the darker sides of life. After several efforts made by different contributors to get his life back on track, he has managed to pave a new path of activism and philanthropy to help people see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Horowitz: 8 steps states should take to stop Biden’s border invasion

In the eyes of the Biden administration, there is still enough of a public health emergency to criminalize the breathing of 2-year-olds and disabled seniors on planes, but not enough of an emergent matter to prevent millions of illegal aliens from all corners of the globe from invading our border.

At present, the rate of illegal alien apprehensions at the border is averaging 7,000 a day, which is an annualized pace of 2.5 million. I’ve covered the border issue for 15 years and could never have fathomed these numbers. Some border sectors are now apprehending in one month what they did in the past during an entire year. Oh, and that doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of gotaways, who are likely the most dangerous element of this invasion.

High Court declares Klang-born Nalvin Dhillon a Malaysian citizen

High Court declares Klang-born Nalvin Dhillon a Malaysian citizen

The High Court today (5 April) declared that 24-year-old Nalvin Dhillon — who was born to a Malaysian father and Filipino mother — a Malaysian citizen under the country’s Federal Constitution as he was not born a citizen of any other country, finally putting an end to years of being stateless. Nalvin, who is due to turn 25 in June, had been trying together with his biological father since December 2009 or slightly more than 13 years ago to have himself recognised as Malaysian. The decision was delivered by High Court judge Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh to recognise the boy from Klang as Malaysian.

Napolitano: Actions of Federal Leviathan Prompt ‘What If?’ Questions

Napolitano: Actions of Federal Leviathan Prompt ‘What If?’ Questions

by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano What if the federal government views the Constitution as an obstacle to be avoided? What if many of its most earnest endeavors have been spent finding ways to evade it? What if the dual purposes of the Constitution were and remain the establishment of the federal government and the imposition of restraints upon it? What if the states formed the federal government and not the other way around? What if the states that formed the federal government and the states that joined it contemplated at the time of formation and joining that they can correct it when it exceeds the powers that the states gave it?

Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit

A federal judge on Saturday dismissed the Trump campaign’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania seeking to invalidate millions of votes, rejecting the “startling” request due to a lack of evidence and ruling that the state can move forward with certifying its election results. U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee, ruled that the campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations” that were “unsupported by evidence.” The ruling is a major blow to the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn election results, with Biden leading Trump by more than 81,000 votes in Pennsylvania. “In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state. Our people, laws, and institutions demand more,” the judge wrote.

I’m with Audrey with this one — it is perhaps maybe not a question of nosey-ness, it is a case of both obligation and parental duty.

Your small kiddies are your obligation plus it’s your obligation to consider them. It’s your net connection and you also also provide an obligation to be sure they aren’t doing such a thing incorrect just as much as humanly possible. You additionally have the obligation in order to guarantee that users of one’s net connection don’t utilize it for unlawful purposes that you are finally accountable. A pal of y our kids who visited downloaded a film illegally within my home and I also had been sued for $1000 by Warner Brothers. Fortunately, I happened to be able to get her to take duty for the down load and she took care of it. I think, it is irresponsible to not be familiar with how are you affected within your house. You penned, “…your ISP. Since they offer your web connection, they’ve the gear observe most of the information this is certainly moving down and up your web connection. ” So – erm – why do they maybe perhaps perhaps not suppress spam?

Hyderabad University’s students on indefinite hunger strike

Hyderabad University’s students on indefinite hunger strike

Hyderabad: The Students’ Union 2019-20 of Hyderabad University has condemned the varsity’s ‘autocratic’ decision to adopt ‘Brahminical’ centralised minimum mark criteria in the entrance examination, for MPhil and PhD interviews, and decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike to protest against it. President of Students’ Union In a statement, Abhishek Nandan, President, Students’ Union 2019-20 said that this will result in turning the university as an inaccessible space for students who do not belong to the privileged sections.

Who Governs Britain?

Who Governs Britain?

That Conservative rallying cry in a crisis election nearly half a century ago could be reprised any day. While regional leaders and many Tory MP’s are kicking up about new and nasty lockdown restrictions facing half of us, medics maintain ministers should go further and faster. As our Political Correspondent Peter Spencer reports, Boris Johnson’s in Laurel and Hardy territory – another fine mess. In Homer’s Odyssey, the eponymous hero faced a tough call in a narrow strip of water, with a ship-sinking whirlpool on one side and a sailor-eating monster on the other. On the basis it’d be better to lose some of his men than drown the lot of them, he went for the monster. The crew members destined for the dinner plate weren’t happy. But Odysseus got in early with the Labour party slogan. ‘For the many, not the few’. Could work for Johnson too, as he tries to bat off Andy Burham and his ilk.