George Cooper / November 20,2020

Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit

A federal judge on Saturday dismissed the Trump campaign’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania seeking to invalidate millions of votes, rejecting the “startling” request due to a lack of evidence and ruling that the state can move forward with certifying its election results. U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee, ruled that the campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations” that were “unsupported by evidence.”
The ruling is a major blow to the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn election results, with Biden leading Trump by more than 81,000 votes in Pennsylvania.
“In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state. Our people, laws, and institutions demand more,” the judge wrote.

THE KEY LINE: "In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state. Our people, laws, and institutions demand more.”https://t.co/DetGohz5wE
— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) November 21, 2020

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani personally argued against the state’s motion to dismiss before Brann on Tuesday, arguing that the commonwealth should not certify its results and making claims of a vast Democratic conspiracy to steal the election. In reaching his conclusion, Brann said the campaign was not “formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption” needed to win such a case.

BREAKING: Judge in Pennsylvania tosses Trump campaign lawsuit, says they have presented no compelling evidence of fraud or mismanagement. pic.twitter.com/kKUdstPImx
— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) November 21, 2020

George Cooper / October 30,2020

I’m with Audrey with this one — it is perhaps maybe not a question of nosey-ness, it is a case of both obligation and parental duty.

Your small kiddies are your obligation plus it’s your obligation to consider them. It’s your net connection and you also also provide an obligation to be sure they aren’t doing such a thing incorrect just as much as humanly possible. You additionally have the obligation in order to guarantee that users of one’s net connection don’t utilize it for unlawful purposes that you are finally accountable. A pal of y our kids who visited downloaded a film illegally within my home and I also had been sued for $1000 by Warner Brothers. Fortunately, I happened to be able to get her to take duty for the down load and she took care of it. I think, it is irresponsible to not be familiar with how are you affected within your house.
You penned, “…your ISP. Since they offer your web connection, they’ve the gear observe most of the information this is certainly moving down and up your web connection. ”
So – erm – why do they maybe perhaps perhaps not suppress spam?
@Robin In fact, your ISP probably has very robust spam settings in destination, to like a diploma you should you decide to send out a hundred Christmas emails at one time that they would block.
Unfortunately, spam is really a term that is relatively subjective and that’s the issue along with it. One man’s spam is another man’s information that is important.
Leo has many good articles on spam. This 1 is the best: How can I be rid of most this spam?.
My relative got a negative pc virus, I became in a position to fix. She now will perhaps not enable her 30+ child to make use of the computer, why because i consequently found out where she went by simply checking the real history. Many people really do maybe not recognize that there is certainly a history.

George Cooper / October 16,2020

Hyderabad University’s students on indefinite hunger strike

Hyderabad University’s students on indefinite hunger strike

Hyderabad University’s students on indefinite hunger strike
Hyderabad: The Students’ Union 2019-20 of Hyderabad University has condemned the varsity’s ‘autocratic’ decision to adopt ‘Brahminical’ centralised minimum mark criteria in the entrance examination, for MPhil and PhD interviews, and decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike to protest against it.
President of Students’ Union
In a statement, Abhishek Nandan, President, Students’ Union 2019-20 said that this will result in turning the university as an inaccessible space for students who do not belong to the privileged sections.
“Students’ Union 2019-20 strongly condemns this attitude and absolutely rejects the adoption of the discriminatory qualifying criteria. We demand that candidates should be called in 1:6 proportions and no seat shall remain vacant,” he said.
The University of Hyderabad declared the entrance examination result of the year 2020-2021 on October 16.
As per Nandan, 71 seats were left vacant of which 64 belong to reserved categories.
“No candidate has been shortlisted for interview in three departments. In most of the departments the numbers of shortlisted candidates are only near to or slightly more than the number of vacant seats available in those departments,” he said.
Nandan said the Students’ Union pointed out this issue in advance and has represented giving the detail of how discriminatory the minimum mark criteria is.

George Cooper / October 16,2020

Who Governs Britain?

Who Governs Britain?

That Conservative rallying cry in a crisis election nearly half a century ago could be reprised any day. While regional leaders and many Tory MP’s are kicking up about new and nasty lockdown restrictions facing half of us, medics maintain ministers should go further and faster. As our Political Correspondent Peter Spencer reports, Boris Johnson’s in Laurel and Hardy territory – another fine mess.
In Homer’s Odyssey, the eponymous hero faced a tough call in a narrow strip of water, with a ship-sinking whirlpool on one side and a sailor-eating monster on the other.
On the basis it’d be better to lose some of his men than drown the lot of them, he went for the monster.
The crew members destined for the dinner plate weren’t happy. But Odysseus got in early with the Labour party slogan. ‘For the many, not the few’.
Could work for Johnson too, as he tries to bat off Andy Burham and his ilk.
The Greater Manchester mayor is in a fighting frenzy over the clampdown on his city. And he’s no taker of prisoners.
His tough law and order talk at the Home Office earned him the nickname ‘Flog ’em and Burnham’. And he hasn’t mellowed.
Seems it’s not the principle of the thing that troubles him, but the money.
A statement he co-signed with consiglieres in North Tyne and Liverpool demands more cash for folk who suddenly can’t work.
The Chancellor’s revamped furlough scheme, cutting salary support to two-thirds is too little, they say. Boost it to eighty per cent and we’ll think about it.
In other words, you give more carrot or we give more stick.
And it’s not just them taking up the cudgels. No fewer than forty-two Tory MP’s voted against the new ten o’clock closing time this week.
The government only got its way because the opposition chose not to oppose. This time. But that could change any time, now that the Labour leader’s stopped pulling his punches.

George Cooper / August 14,2020

Far more commodities eligible for CFAP | Agriculture

USDA has introduced that further commodities are lined by the Coronavirus Food Help Method (CFAP) in reaction to general public feedback and details. Moreover, the U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA) is extending the deadline to apply for the software to Sept. 11, and producers with permitted purposes will receive their ultimate payment. Right after examining about 1,700 responses, even a lot more farmers and ranchers will have the possibility for assistance to assist retain functions afloat in the course of these rough instances.

USDA gathered comments and supporting facts for thing to consider of supplemental commodities as a result of June 22, 2020. The pursuing additional commodities are now qualified for CFAP:

• Specialty Crops: aloe leaves, bananas, batatas, bok choy, carambola (star fruit), cherimoya, chervil (french parsley), citron, curry leaves, daikon, dates, dill, donqua (winter melon), dragon fruit (pink pitaya), endive, escarole, filberts, frisee, horseradish, kohlrabi, kumquats, leeks, mamey sapote, maple sap (for maple syrup), mesculin combine, microgreens, nectarines, parsley, persimmons, plantains, pomegranates, pummelos, pumpkins, rutabagas, shallots, tangelos, turnips/celeriac, turmeric, upland/wintertime cress, h2o cress, yautia/malanga, and yuca/cassava.

• Non-Specialty Crops and Livestock: liquid eggs, frozen eggs and all sheep. Only lambs and yearlings (sheep a lot less than two a long time previous) have been earlier suitable.

• Aquaculture: catfish, crawfish, largemouth bass and carp offered are living as foodfish, hybrid striped bass, red drum, salmon, sturgeon, tilapia, trout, ornamental/tropical fish, and recreational sportfish.

• Nursery Crops and Bouquets: nursery crops and slice flowers.

Other modifications to CFAP include things like:

George Cooper / July 01,2020

7 Beautiful Explanations We Can Not Aid However Fall In Love With Injury Legal Representative

An accident kansas][[https://injurylawfirm.lawyer is actually normally employed by individuals that are hurt on duty or the various other. When an individual obtains harmed on the job, the company may make an effort to deny liability or even case that they can’t confirm oversight on the laborer’s component.
When a staff member’s traumas are major enough to be filed a claim against, the provider might must pay out the staff member’s health care bills and look for payment for shed incomes. The individual being sued are going to be able to gather problems for pain as well as suffering and also mental grief. For some individuals, even fatality can easily arise from the actions of an irresponsible individual.
Accident lawyers deal with all type of insurance claims. There are actually factors that lead to damage that isn’t work-related as well as if these traits were direct, they are actually negligence.
Law suits are actually typically submitted through those who’ve been injured. If you have actually been injured in an auto accident while steering, or in any sort of other technique, you can easily file your personal lawsuit to accumulate damages for your reductions. If the individual responsible is an additional staff member, even.
Most insurer do not offer coverage for employees settlement cases. If you are associated with an incident, the initial thing you must do is get in touch with a personal injury attorney to find out whether your claim costs seeking. Lots of folks do not consider this yet an accident legal representative possesses a lot more knowledge with suits like all yours than the insurance provider.
Knowledge is something that could be know with time. It does not matter for how long you have actually been functioning. You’ll be satisfied to understand that you can utilize an individual accident attorney to help you get fair treatment for your reductions if you have actually been hurt in an accident.

George Cooper / June 27,2020

U.S. Fossils Face New Lawsuits from Minnesota and Washington, DC

U.S. fossils are facing two more major legal challenges, after Minnesota and Washington, DC filed separate lawsuits alleging consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, and false advertising.
Minnesota is claiming that ExxonMobil, three companies owned by Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute “have harmed Minnesotans’ health and our state’s environment, infrastructure, and economy” by selling and promoting petroleum products known to cause climate change, InsideClimate News reports. 
“The defendants deceived, lied and misrepresented the effects of their product to the public,” Attorney General Keith Ellison told media Wednesday. “For 30 years, [they] made misleading statements about climate change.” 
“The State seeks to ensure that the parties who have profited from avoiding the consequences and costs of dealing with global warming and its physical, environmental, social, and economic consequences, bear the costs of those impacts, rather than Minnesota taxpayers, residents, or broader segments of the public,” the Minnesota lawsuit says.
ExxonMobil called the Minnesota suit a “politically motivated campaign”, claiming in a statement that “legal proceedings like this waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money and do nothing to advance meaningful actions that reduce the risks of climate change”.
DC Attorney General Karl Racine is taking aim at Exxon, BP, Chevron, and Shell for systematically and intentionally misleading consumers about the role of fossil fuels in “one of the greatest threats facing humanity”, InsideClimate says.
In a statement, Racine said the four defendants “violated the District’s consumer protection law by concealing the fact that using fossil fuels threatens the health of District residents and the environment,” adding that the purpose of the legal action was to “end these disinformation campaigns and to hold these companies accountable for their deceptive practices.”

George Cooper / June 26,2020

What Now?! – June 28, 2020

What Now?! – June 28, 2020

Late Friday, the New York Times reported that American intelligence officials have concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan. President Trump was briefed on the operation in late March. From the Times:

George Cooper / June 16,2020

Indian Railways completes recruitment exercise for more than 64,000 posts

Indian Railways has successfully completed one of the “world’s largest recruitment exercises” — a record number of 47.45 lakh candidates have applied to fill up 64,371 vacancies on critical safety and operational posts, the national transporter said today. The railways released the recruitment notifications for 64,371 Assistant Loco Pilots and technician posts in 2018. More than 47 crore candidates have applied for these posts, making it one of the largest recruitment exercise.

The railway panel has selected 56,378 candidates. Out of them 26,968 are for Assistant Loco Pilots and 28,410 candidate will be for the post of technicians. The Railway Recruitment Boards have issued appointment letters to 40,420 candidates. The training of them will start as soon as COVID-19 lockdown rules ease, the ministry said in a statement today. Training includes class room training followed by field training followed by testing of the competence before deployment on working post, the railways board said today. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, all forms of training have been suspended.

This recruitment exercise was a three stage process. Computer Based Test (CBT) for the posts of Assistant Loco Pilots was conducted in 33 shifts for 11 days August 9 to September 4, 2018 at 440 test centers in 166 cities across India. they recorded the highest number of attendance of about 36.42 lakh candidates. The second stage CBT for this recruitment was conducted from January 21, 2019 to January 23, 2019 in nine shifts. The attendance was about 88%, it said. Computer Based Aptitude Test (CBAT) for approximately 2,22,360 candidates was completed between May 10 to May 21, 2019, the ministry said.

George Cooper / June 12,2020

12 million people are at risk of not getting their stimulus payments. Here’s how that could be fixed

Many Americans are at risk of not receiving their $1,200 stimulus checks.

Now, research estimates that as many as 12 million people could go without the payments due to them.

That’s according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan research and policy institute. The center based its estimate on data from the Census Bureau.

Congress authorized sending stimulus checks to millions of Americans under the $2 trillion CARES Act. The payments include up to $1,200 for individuals, $2,400 for married couples and $500 per child under 17.

More from Personal Finance:Here’s what could be in additional stimulus legislation Dems, GOP spar over extension of extra $600 in unemploymentFed holds rates near zero — here’s what that means for your wallet

The money is targeted at low- to middle-income Americans. The payments begin phasing out at $75,000 in income for individuals, $112,500 for heads of household, and $150,000 for married couples.

The IRS has been sending the payments via direct deposit or mail, based on tax returns. To date, the government has delivered about 159 million checks.

However, the population of low-income individuals could be difficult to reach because many of these people typically either don’t file tax returns or do not receive federal government benefits and thus are at risk of falling through the cracks.

To prevent that, the IRS has created a non-filer tool online to let those individuals and families affected submit their information to get their payments.

In order to get their payments this year, individuals and families must fill out the form by Oct. 15. Otherwise, they are eligible to receive the money by filing a tax return next year.

Still, millions are at risk of not finding out that information on time, according to the center.


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