George Cooper / April 25,2020

Mushroom Hunting | News, Sports, Jobs

Mushroom Hunting | News, Sports, Jobs


Submitted photo Five-year-old Jasi Butler poses with a very large Morel mushroom discovered Saturday in Upshur County.


BUCKHANNON — Warm, rainy days have made Morel mushroom hunters happy of late and none may be happier than 5-year-old Jasi Butler who discovered some very large specimens with her family.

The find happened Saturday as they were turkey hunting with a friend.

“We were coming off a mountain to go to another one and Jasi’s mom (Chrissy Lemasters) spotted what we thought were a couple big ones from the trail,” Jasi’s dad, Shon Butler, said.

“We stopped and there were about four or five that were bigger than I have ever seen in West Virginia,” he said. “One may be one of the biggest ones in the United States. That’s a find of a lifetime.”

The biggest Morel they found is 12 inches long and has a circumference of 15 inches with a weight of .9 pounds.

Jasi was very excited, according to her dad.

“She goes in the woods every day — especially with this quarantine going on — and hunts mushrooms or roams the countryside with us,” he said.

Morel mushroom season in West Virginia usually runs from the end of March through the middle of May and the family usually sells some and enjoys the rest. There are about seven different species of Morel mushrooms found in West Virginia.

“Normally, we try to sell of them but with the quarantine, none of the restaurants are really open to sell them to,” Butler said. “We have been giving them to friends and family and eating fancy Morel mushroom dinners about every evening.”

Even Jasi enjoys the flavor of Morel mushrooms.

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