South Korea’s KT is bringing 5G indoors

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  • South Korean telecom KT (formerly Korea Telecom) is rolling out its 5G network services to a range of large indoor spaces, according to ZDNet. The company will use specialized hardware to enable access to its networks in buildings like train stations and airports, where initial 5G signals aren’t penetrating.

    Earth on course to pass through vast swarm of meteors

    Source: The National

    This week our planet will cut across a vast swarm of meteors,
    including some big enough to wipe out a major city with the violence of a
    nuclear weapon.

    Known as the Taurid Complex, the cosmic debris has already been
    implicated in the Tunguska Event of June 30, 1908, when a huge meteor
    exploded over Siberia unleashing the power of 1,000 Hiroshima atomic

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    CMA urges eBay to stop the sale of fake reviews

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is urging eBay to conduct an “urgent review” of the marketplace to prevent the sale of fake reviews. It says that fake review services are offered for sale and auction as product listings on eBay.

    The competition watchdog says that it found “troubling evidence” that there is a thriving marketplace for fake and misleading online reviews. It detected that more than 100 eBay listings are offering counterfeit reviews for sale in a web analysis from November 2018 to June 2019.

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    The Meizu 16s is a no-notch, no-nonsense flagship phone

    This post is by Sam Byford from The Verge - All Posts

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    If you’ve been following gadget news for a while, Meizu may well have been the first Chinese smartphone maker you ever heard of. The company started out making audio players but pivoted to smartphones with the Windows CE-based M8, which both shamelessly aped the iPhone and beat it to market by a couple of months.

    Choose your own adventure with a new wellness hub

    It’s more than having a moment. According to the Global Wellness Institute’s most recent data, the wellness travel sector is growing more than twice as fast as tourism overall, and it’s on track to hit US$919 billion by 2022.

    A 10-day Patagonia trek is one of many “wellness-forward” trips on offer. Image by Intrepid Travel


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