Who Were You In a Past Life? What a California Psychics Past Life Psychic Reading Can Reveal About Yourself

Who Were You In a Past Life? What a California Psychics Past Life Psychic Reading Can Reveal About Yourself
Have you ever felt a deep connection to a period in the past, or reacted strongly to a particular landscape? Perhaps you have had dreams that revealed something mysterious about your life, such as you may have existed as another person a century ago. Instead of just wondering about this part of you, a past life psychic can help you unlock secrets about your past.
If you have unusual memories or strong intimations of the past, you might have an interesting history that is worth exploring. These other signs could also be indications that you should look into your remote past:

  • Dreams and nightmares that hint at ancient memories
  • Fears and phobias that you cannot rationally explain
  • Passions for places you have never been to
  • Birthmarks that could be scars from past injuries

These and other fleeting emotions could be more than coincidences. They could be signs of reincarnations or other interesting psychic phenomena.
How Do Past Life Psychic Readings Work?
When working with psychic mediums online, it is important to prepare yourself for each session and to know what to expect. Mediums are psychics that have a special affinity for sensing previous lives. They will tune into your energy field and look for clues that point to a past life. Your job is to remain centered and to clear your mind of all distractions. To prepare for a session, it is best to follow these steps:

  • Take a few quiet moments before the reading
  • Focus on deep controlled breathing
  • Minimize stress and anxiety
  • Remain open to the suggestions from your guide

Each trained and experienced medium has his or her own process and each guide has different psychic abilities. In some cases, you can opt for a past life regression experience. This involves a process of hypnosis that unlocks your unconscious mind. It can often be a pathway to the discovery of long-forgotten memories, even reaching back to a previous life. With both past life regressions and past life readings, you could need multiple sessions to get to the root of an issue.
What Can They Reveal About Me or Teach Me?
For some people, reaching back into their past can have a therapeutic effect. The basis of specific problems such as addictions, relationship problems and fears and phobias could extend far back in time. In this way, learning about your past could have a healing effect by reducing or eliminating destructive patterns in your life.
Some of the insights you gain could just seek to quell a persistent curiosity. After all, wouldn’t it be cool to learn that at one time you rode horses along the plains of Mongolia or lived in Macchu Pichu?
Psychics are there to help you lead a better life. Whether you are looking for a life path psychic or someone to help you manage money better, the right psychic can assess your internal energy and find solutions to your most vexing issues. Now is a good time to connect with a psychic who can help you understand your life in all of its incarnations.