Understanding Temtem Conditions, Traits and Stat Modifiers

Understanding Temtem Conditions, Traits and Stat ModifiersIf you are struggling with all the information overload in early hours of Temtem, read this guide for better Understanding Temtem Conditions, Traits and Stat Modifiers.
Understanding Temtem Conditions, Traits and Stat Modifiers
Be sure to read the entire guide if you’re looking for detailed explanation of the game.
Stat Modifiers
When in a battle, Techniques/Traits such as Nimble and Amphibian respectively modify your stats. Just keep in mind that these modifiers only work during a battle.
Once the battle is over, they go back to their original form. Stat modifiers depend upon a stage of sliding scale.
How does this work? Well, once a positive/negative modifier is used, the stage can increase or decrease according to the value given. The alteration applies to the stat total and can be modified maximally up to +5 and minimally down to –5.
Experience plays a very important role in providing the Temtem extra levels that range from 1-100 which eventually grant a Temtem’s Stats extra points. The most accurate experience required depends upon the Species of Temtem.
Also, there are seven values in Temtem Stats that result in an overall strength during combat. Greater the value of the stat, more reliable the Temtem is in the battle. Stats such as:
The moment health drops down to zero, a Temtem is defeated. A Temtem can’t recover its health without using a particular item, ability or move.
Stamina allows the Temtem to perform certain Techniques while in a combat. The cost of a stamina depends upon the strength of the ability. Stronger the ability, more the cost of stamina.
Stamina is fully regained once the battle is over and if a Temtem has stamina lower than the used Technique cost than it would get damaged easily.
Speed decides how fast can a Temtem perform actions and moves in a battle. Higher the rate of speed, more the performance in a battle.
Physical Attack
Physical Attacks deals with the damage caused on an enemy by a Physical Technique. Again, greater the value, more the damage dealt.
Physical Defense
deals with the damaged cause by an enemy with a Physical Technique. Again, greater the value, more the damage received.
Special Attack
It affects damage dealt by using Special Techniques on an adversary.  greater the value, more the special damage dealt.
Special Defense
It affects damage received by a Temtem through a Special Technique.   greater the value, more the special damage received.
The species of Temtem possess a characteristic called “Traits” which effect their battle. Traits depend upon the species of Temtem, as most Temtem have maximum two different traits and some only have one.
These traits can only be positive or negative and usually they are selected randomly upon the birth of a Temtem. Below are all the traits used in Temtem.
Upon attacking with wind, receives a decrease in Special Defense and an increase in Speed.
Air Specialist
With wind techniques receives additional 15% damage.
Speed is increased by 1 stage once Water technique is executed.
Receives an increase in Special Defense and a decrease in Special Attack when attacking with Toxic.
Upon attack with a special technique, if the target is a rival then it gets Poisoned Status condition for one turn, and receives a Regenerate Status condition for one turn if it’s an ally for
Increases Special Attack and Speed by 1 stage once an ally is down.
Regenerated max HP by 10%, once an ally is damaged.
Adds extra 15% damage with Nature techniques.
Increases 50% damage once attacked with a Nature technique.
20% additional damage is received by physical techniques.
Techniques cause 30% more damage when allies outnumber opponents.
Stops the Asleep Status condition.
Increases Defense by1 stage once attacked by a physical technique.
If both the partners are of the relative evolutionary line then it reduces damage by 50% upon attack.
Increases 25% damage caused by Special Techniques.
Temtem Freezes instead of getting cold.
The speed of the opponent team is decreased by 1 stage upon entering the battlefield.
Stop alterations in negative stat stage.
Electric Synthesize
Upon an Electric Technique attack, recovers HP instead of preventing damage received.
Energy Reserve
Gets vigorized for 2 turns once the HP drops below 25% at the end of a turn.
Fainted Curse
Attackers receives a 40% decrease in max HP when knocked-out.
Fast Charge
Receives 2 times additional speed upon the entry of a digital ally.
Fever Rush
Increases attack by 1 stage once receives a status condition.
Flawed Crystal
Increases 50% damage when attacked by a Mental, Toxic, or Electric Technique.
Immortal to offensive techniques of the ally.
Techniques causes 33% more damage once the HP drops below 33%.
Stop cold, burned, poisoned and doomed Status condition on the ally.
Decreases 50% damage after receiving an Earth technique attack.
Adds 15% more damage with Water techniques.
Withstands damage caused by Toxic techniques.
Causes failure in Techniques targeting the ally.
Last Rush
Being the last Temtem (ally) standing, maximizes attack, special attack and speed by 50%.
Synergies won’t work on both allies.
Mental Alliance
If an ally is Mental, it increases Special Attack by 15%
Attacker received 20% damage once attacked with a special technique.
Prevents the Poisoned Status condition.
Allies regain STA by 10% the beginning of the turn.
Resists Electric technique Type damages and stops the clod and burned Status condition.
Prevents all Status Conditions.
Decreases 30% damage received by physical techniques.
When using a hold technique, regains max STA by 10%.
When HP is maxed, Temtem has extra 30% Speed.
Power Nap
Regains 15% max HP of an Asleep Temtem, at the beginning of a turn.
If the target gets knocked-out during attack, receives an increase in attack, Special attack and speed
Ally receives an increase in defense and special defense when entering the battlefield.
Increases special defense by 10 stage upon getting attacked by a Fire, Earth, or Melee technique
Punching Bag
Damaged caused by melee technique is decreased by 30%
Puppet Master
Rival technique gets re-directed to the ally once the HP drops down to 40% or less.
Adds 15% more damage with Fire techniques.
Increases one turn when receiving a favorable status condition.
Recovers max HP up to 15% when attacking by a physical technique.
Prevents getting knocked-out due to overexertion.
Reduces 1 turn when receiving a negative status condition.
When the Temtem is on the battlefield during the first two turns, it increases 30% attack and special attack.
If a different Temtem is knocked-out then it regains 15% max HP.
For every turn the Temtem stays on the battlefield, it increases 8% attack.
Shared Pain
The technique gets redirected to the ally, when back to back attacks are received in the same turn.
Soft Touch
The target won’t wake up if it’s attacked in an asleep status condition.
Adds 25% more damage with multi-target techniques.
Strong Liver
Upon getting attacked by a toxic technique, recovers HP in place of damage received.
Synergy Master
Increase 25% damage done with synergy techniques while the Temtem participate in the synergy.
Thick Skin
Decreases 50% damage once attacked by a fire technique.
Overexertion turn penalization is stopped.
Toxic Affinity
Toxic techniques get a damage boost of the same type.
Toxic Farewell
The attacker receives Poisoned Status condition for 3 turns, if knocked-out.
Toxic Skin
The attacker receives Poisoned Status condition for 2 turns, if attacked by physical technique.
If HP drops below 30%, receives asleep Status condition for 2 turns, SPATK +2 and SPDEF +2 if attacked.
If hit by a physical technique it reduces 1 stage of defense. Once hit by a special technique it reduces 1 stage of special defense.
Upon a special technique attack, the rival target gets poisoned for three turn and the ally target gets regenerated for three turns.
Increases 50% damage causes by overexerting.
Prevents the cold Status condition.
Water Affinity
Water techniques get a damage boost of the same type.
Regains max HP by 15% and removes the asleep status condition while resting.
Wrecked Farewell
Each Temtem loses 25% of max HP once knocked-out by overexerting damage.
Receives an increase in defense and special defense upon getting the asleep status condition.
Conditions / Status Effects
Coming down to the main part, understanding all the conditions or status effects that can affect a Temtem in battle
With this effect you can’t attack and can only wakeup upon receiving damage.
This effect removes Cold/Frozen Conditions and decreases Attack/Special Attack by 30%
This effect removes Burnt condition and freezes when afflicted more than once.
Once the counter drops down to zero, you faint.
STA costs increased by 50%.
Burnt condition is removed and attacking is not possible.
This effect is not affected by new Status conditions.
This effect avoids any type of resistance and weakness.
Lose 12.5% HP every turn.
Recover 10% HP every turn.
Gear effects are ignored.
swapping out can’t be performed.
STA costs decreased by 50%.
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