Can the Flu Be Asymptomatic?
Rethinking Your Drinking

Rethinking Your Drinking

National Alcohol Awareness Month turns 35 this April, offering an opportunity to reflect on the role alcohol plays in your life. BY JACLYN TROP Thirty-five years after the federal government created a public health campaign to raise awareness of a growing epidemic of alcoholism in the U.S., the problem became more pronounced, especially among women, during the pandemic. Figures from Nielsen report na-tional alcohol sales surged 54% in March 2020. Additionally, a recent report published in the journal Hepatology found that the increased rate of alcohol consumption linked to the pandemic will cause 100 additional deaths and 2,800 extra cases of liver failure by 2023.

How to Get Rid of Beer Belly?- All you need to know about it!

A beer belly is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous for your health. Excess belly fat has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get rid of your beer belly and improve your health.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of beer belly:

Cut back on the beer

This may seem like an obvious solution, but it is the most effective. If you want to get rid of your beer belly, you need to cut back on the amount of beer you drink. Beer is high in calories and empty calories, leading to weight gain.

Should I switch to acting?

A college student is thinking of majoring in acting but her social anxiety is a big hurdle. 

Why not try baby steps, suggests our elder. Try a drama group but don’t change your major yet.


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Solutions That Fall Under a Caustic Soda Alternative

Lime softening is a common process used in many sectors to soften hard water and involves the raising of the pH of the water and precipitation or absorption of calcium. There is a normal softening and also the enhanced version, which is raised once at the initial stages and then again at a second stage. This increases pH levels to over 10.0 and eradicates any magnesium and uranium components.

The difference is that with the normal softening process it removes up to 80 % of uranium, however with the enhanced version eradicates over 90% of the uranium, as well as other harmful substances such as manganese, arsenic, tannins, lead, chromium, nickel, barium, cadmium and iron. According to this from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the drawback however is that this can be an expensive process as it uses specific technology which monitors the chemistry and is done in a few plants’ refineries.

What AI could be like when you plug a computer into your brain

What AI could be like when you plug a computer into your brain

“Our consciousness is everything. You become what you think about.” — Buddha

6 Tips on How to Avoid Letting Other People Compromise Your Safety During COVID-19

6 Tips on How to Avoid Letting Other People Compromise Your Safety During COVID-19

The last 20 months have truly pushed many of us to the brink. In addition to the clear and present health risks presented by the novel coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the way many of us go about our daily lives and exposed the extent to which disinformation has been embraced by a staggering number of Americans. While this pandemic rolls on as a result of millions of people refusing to get a free and highly effective vaccine, the rest of us must continue to take assorted precautions in order to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. In the interest of preventing other people from compromising your safety during this difficult time, make a point of taking the following precautions. 1. Get Your Vaccine

Who Were You In a Past Life? What a California Psychics Past Life Psychic Reading Can Reveal About Yourself

Who Were You In a Past Life? What a California Psychics Past Life Psychic Reading Can Reveal About Yourself

Have you ever felt a deep connection to a period in the past, or reacted strongly to a particular landscape? Perhaps you have had dreams that revealed something mysterious about your life, such as you may have existed as another person a century ago. Instead of just wondering about this part of you, a past life psychic can help you unlock secrets about your past.

How to Beat a Narcissist at Their Own Game

How to Beat a Narcissist at Their Own Game

There is a good chance that you will sooner or later run into a narcissist in your life. Whether it is your family member, partner, friend, or co-worker, dealing with a narcissist can drain you in every sense. One of the significant consequences of narcissism is the suffering of those around a narcissist. A relationship with the narcissist may impair your mental health, mess up your sense of sanity, and prevent you from leading a happy, fulfilled life. 

Top 11 healthiest fruits on Earth and there health benefits

Every single fruit (and vegetable!) is a great option. Research has shown eating a minimum of four to five servings per day helps to boost mood and reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

Yes some people still find it difficult to eat fruits.

Many of us also miss out on sufficient dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all of which are found in abundance in produce. 

Potassium, for example, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and you’ll get it easily in bananas, prunes and cantaloupe. The fiber in fruit also supports better digestion and fills you up for fewer calories, making it a smart choice for your health overall and can help if you’re trying to lose weight.

Whether you choose fresh or frozen, make it your goal to get more fruit into every meal.

No matter how you slice it, eating more fruit can benefit your body and your mind, starting with these ideas.

(1) Watermelon