The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!

Classic vanilla? Smothered in whipped cream? Or a creative concoction? Milkshakes have come along way from the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. And Disney World has helped elevate the tasty milkshake game!
Whether you are looking for a sweet creamy treat or a decadent indulgent dessert, here are the best creamiest milkshakes at Disney World!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!
PB & Jelly Milkshake- 50’s Prime Time Cafe
Head to Hollywood Studios for this popular and iconic milkshake! Delicious scoops of vanilla ice cream are blended with grape jelly, creamy peanut butter, and milk for a delicious and unique flavor.
When visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this is a treat you have to try!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!Photo: Disney-eats.blogspot
Cookies ‘n Cream Thick Milkshake – Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop 
Deliciously thick and super creamy- Ghirardelli’s creates excellent thick milkshakes. And though all of their flavors are delicious, the Cookies and Cream is extra special!
Rich vanilla ice cream is swirled with crunchy chocolate cookie-pieces and topped with sweet whipped cream and a cherry! It is the perfect blend of creamy and crunchy flavors!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!Photo: Disney
Mickey Confetti Shake- Beaches and Cream

Head over to Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club for this celebratory drink!
The Mickey Confetti Shake at Beaches and Cream features rich vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and topped with a rainbow confetti cupcake and colorful Rainbow Sprinkles. But my favorite part is the edible candy Mickey on top!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!

Candy Corn Halloween Shake- Hollywood Scoops

When you can’t decide between candy or dessert get both! This yummy candy corn Halloween shake is the ultimate sweet treat. Drink your trick-or-treat candy in this creamy concoction and enjoy the flavors of sweet candy corn, pumpkin and whipped cream.
Additionally, the Candy Corn Halloween Shake is topped with a deliciously light vanilla cake donut, spooky sprinkles, white chocolate sauce and crunchy candy corn! Perfect!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!Photo: Disney/Swan and Dolphin

Peppermint Shake- The Fountain
I love this hidden gem in the Fountain at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort! If you like peppermint, this is the treat for you! Savor the flavor of Vanilla ice cream blended with peppermint cookies, whipped cream, and a tasty peppermint cookie on top!  
This reminds me of a holiday treat, but one you an enjoy all year long!
The Best & Creamiest Milkshakes at Disney World!

So many delicious options! What is your fave milkshake at Disney!

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