• Blake Shelton Could Have Had Botox On His Forehead
  • Shelton Revealed The Slow Start He Had With Stefani
  • The Voice coach Gwen Stefani has had some drastic changes with her facial appearance throughout the years. Though she denies having anything done, there are many still believe she has. In addition, they believe it may have rubbed off on her husband Blake Shelton.

    Blake Shelton Could Have Had Botox On His Forehead

    The country music star has been around the block with his more than two decades in the music industry. Shelton is currently 46 years old, and it is only natural that the body shows signs of aging especially when you’re nearing your 50s.

    Dr. Richard Westreich, a plastic surgeon, claims Shelton may have gotten Botox on his forehead for The Voice after analyzing images of the singer. Dr. Westreich also claimed that the country singer’s wife may have influenced him into using Botox. Before meeting Stefani, Shelton had visible wrinkles on his forehead.

    “It’s highly possible that for a period, Blake was doing a little Botox for The Voice, but only on his forehead,” Dr. Westreich said. “Based on my experience with wives, partners, and aging, Blake may have gotten Botox because Gwen might have made the appointment for him.”

    Stefani‘s swollen appearance toward the end of 2022 fueled rumors that she was opting for “tweakments.” These include regular Botox, fillers, and skin tightening operations that are believed to help avoid future and full facelifts. Similar to what other women might do for their husbands, Stefani may have asked her husband to have Botox because she is into her treatments.

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    Shelton Revealed The Slow Start He Had With Stefani

    Shelton and Stefani’s marriage has been the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Things didn’t start out that way for the couple. They met on The Voice in 2014 when Stefani took over for Christina Aguilera as a coach.

    “The season that I met Gwen, I didn’t even really get to talk to her that much,” Shelton said. “We didn’t really hit it off until the next time she came onto the show.”

    By 2015, the duo had reportedly grown close while connecting over their separate divorces. The pair became engaged by 2020 and married a year later. Shelton and Stefani have worked together on six total seasons of The Voice, oftentimes competing with each other. They’ll be celebrating two years of being married this coming July.

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