The history of violent policing in Detroit — and what’s changed in 60 years

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Since the very public police murder of George Floyd almost three years ago, there have been a lot of talks about what policing is and isn’t — and whether police departments can change.

These conversations aren’t going away, in part because we continue to see tragedies with police departments often at the center. The most recent publicly-discussed event is the police killing of Tyre Nichols, who was beaten by several police officers and later died in a hospital.

In Detroit, police changes have meant doing away with violent units like STRESS, the Big Four and the Gang Squad. It’s also meant ushering in mental health co-responders to address mental health crises.

House repeatedly hit by cars on Bainbridge Street, Richmond leaders taking action

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- Distracted and drunk drivers are causing havoc on Bainbridge Street as the same property is destroyed repeatedly.

Two nights ago, first-time homeowner, Sarah Lyda, woke up to the loud noise of a car slamming into her fence. Lyda describes the incident as "awful and scary."

Bon Secours, Optima insurance contract could be terminated after negotiations reach standstill

The car reportedly came around a curve, entered Lyda's driveway and then took off. Lyda is now left with pieces of wood and the driver's burgundy-colored car scattered in her backyard. The 25 miles per hour speed limit sign was run over and it's still on the ground.

Kingpins New York in January: What to expect

Kingpins New York in January: What to expect

What to expect Day one Day two


The Kingpins denim supply chain trade show is set to make its return to New York.

The denim-sourcing show features a selection of denim and sportswear providers from the US, Japan, China, India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and more with the goal to improve the industry to meet the environmental and social needs of the future.

Christmas Gifts ‘were stolen by Evri delivery driver and sold at car boot sale’

Christmas Gifts ‘were stolen by Evri delivery driver and sold at car boot sale’

An angry online shopper has claimed that an Evri delivery driver stole her order and sold it at a car boot sale, as another person claims the firm have "ruined Christmas" with their slack service.

Evri, formerly Hermes but rebranded after a string of scandals, is "delivering more than three million parcels a day" and experiencing a huge backlog, leading to some customers waiting weeks for their orders.

But consumers and business owners are unhappy with the scandal-hit firm, saying that it isn't fit to trade.

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"Honestly, they should not be allowed to operate," one rattled small business owner told the Daily Mail.

Elements of Embezzlement in California Explained

Elements of Embezzlement in California Explained

What is the definition of embezzlement in California? What are the elements of embezzlement in CA? Who is the leading embezzlement defense attorney in San Diego, CA? What are some common forms of embezzlement? What’s The Difference Between Theft and Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a burning issue in all of the US and not just in California. In fact, this type of crime is so common that it costs US businesses approximately $400 billion a year, according to the National White Collar Crime Center’s estimate.

5 Related Offenses to Embezzlement
Can You Sue Facebook If You Get Scammed Online?

Can You Sue Facebook If You Get Scammed Online?

The Beginning: The JuicyFields Ponzi Scam Lawsuit Action Against Social and News Media Platforms The Facebook Lawsuit Bottom Line

Regarding the marijuana Ponzi scam Juicy Fields, Swedish attorney Lars Olofsson has filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta (META). The scam affected over 800 persons across about 80 countries,  particularly in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malta, and each one of them is in support of the ongoing legal battle.


Harrowing legal system doesn’t work for victims

Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam – Crypto Trader in Hongkong

How Does The Country Code 852 WhatsApp Scam Text From Hong Kong Work? Received 852 Area Code WhatsApp Scam Text? Do The Following!

Beware of WhatsApp text messages from  +852 area code telephone number. It is not genuine! Scammers are  sending random Area Code 852 Scam WhatsApp messages from +63 telephone numbers claiming they want to visit potential victims.

Since 2021, more than hundred people have complained of receiving this 852 Area Code Scam WhatsApp text message. Previously, the scammers pretended to be Japanese girls living in Hong Kong. Lately, they’ve started pretending to be crypto day traders or gold analyst.