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Here’s why tape will always surpass hard drives and SSDs in storage

Here’s why tape will always surpass hard drives and SSDs in storage

Sony and Fujifilm are locked in a battle for tape supremacy, with the latter revealing it’s preparing for tape media with an areal density of 224Gbit per square inch, which translates to a real life capacity of around 400TB.

Fujifilm – which has just announced its first Tape-as-a-Service offering – is betting on Strontium Ferrite (SrFe) as opposed to the popular Barium Ferrite, which is used in most LTO tapes, the capacity of which currently top 12TB (uncompressed) or 30TB (compressed using an industry ratio of 2.5:1).

LTO-8 will make way for LTO-9 later this year and, with the last four LTO generations shipped over the past six years, one can expect the next four (LTO-10, LTO-11, LTO-12 and LTO-13) to be available by 2026 (depending on market conditions).

Tape supremacy

At 384TB, a single LTO-13 tape is likely to be the single biggest unit of storage in the world, far outclassing hard disk drives (with capacities stalling, having grown by only 2TB per generation) and solid state drives, which reached 100TB in 2018 and then stopped growing.

It would take a very bold person indeed to bet against LTO being the first media to reach 1PB (that’s one million Gigabyte).

The biggest issue with tape has to do with accessing the right file, which is why it is seen as an archiving media above all. Transfer rates are unlikely to be an issue, with LTO-13 likely to surpass 16Gbps, but that still means you will need at least a day to fill one up, especially if the tape length surpasses 1,000m.

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George Cooper / June 26,2020

Longmont Shuttle Offers Community More Than Just a Ride

Longmont Shuttle Offers Community More Than Just a Ride

By Adam Goldstein, Business Spotlight, Photos by Timothy Seibert
Simon Chen came face-to-face with a crisis soon after he arrived in Longmont eight years ago.
Chen, the owner of the Longmont Shuttle transport company, landed in Colorado shortly before historic floods ravaged the state in 2013. Chen was in the midst of carving out a life in a new state and a new country; freshly arrived from his native Australia, he was working on setting down roots and building a business when the floods struck.
For Chen, there was no question about the best way to respond. He took a break from work and answered the call to volunteer to help rebuild Longmont’s damaged infrastructure and get his newly adopted community back on its feet.
Chen saw a similarly stark choice when a much more far-reaching crisis arrived in March of this year, when the COVID pandemic upended the status quo. Like businesses across the globe, Longmont Shuttle suddenly faced profound and existential challenges. But Chen was determined to meet those challenges head-on.
“I personally think that there are two types of people in a crisis; there are those who run toward it and those who run away from it,” Chen said. “We know we fill a need, and I know it’s critical for our company to do the right thing through this pandemic.”
For Chen and the rest of staff at Longmont Shuttle, doing the right thing meant expanding their role beyond what had been a straightforward transport service designed to get people to Denver International Airport. It meant meeting the demands of the moment, even as the demand for air travel dried up seemingly overnight and directly threatened the company’s business model.

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Can MVC help you improve your Customer Experience?

Customer experience is tremendously important for any business. Every organization in the world likes to offer an amazing experience to the customers. Customer experience has become very significant for the success of the business as well. If a firm wants to boost its business, spread out more, or get more business from the existing set of customers, they will have to have an extremely remarkable customer experience.
Not just that, but, when the companies have to retain the customers, that’s when customer experience plays a pivotal role. Therefore, companies are using enterprise apps to enhance the quality of customer experience. In this article, we will explore how MVC empowers businesses to improve customer experience.
Understanding Model–View–Controller (MVC)
MVC (Model–View–Controller), a software architectural design is used extensively for the implementation of the user interfaces. It is a fabulous architecture that helps software engineers in multiple ways. MVC is not reliant on any one programming language. Irrespective of the language that you are using for software development, MVC can turn out to be quite beneficial.
Any software input, processing and output are alienated by MVC. And, MVC is segregated in three linked parts, which are known as model, view, and controller. Every part is capable of managing certain application development aspects. The controller receives plenty of requests for the software, afterwards, it tells the model to prepare any information which is being needed by the view. The information is being used by the view to get to the final output. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that MVC works in an organized manner. Therefore, MVC based applications are capable of enhancing customer experience management.
Model–View–Controller (MVC) is a powerful tool means to enhance the customer experience 

George Cooper / May 25,2020

Transfers and Disclosures of Private Information

Transfers and Disclosures of Private Information
Goeasy limitations the quantity and sort of personal information built-up compared to that which can be needed for our identified purposes, therefore we gather information that is personal reasonable and legal means.
Private information that we gather includes:

  • Consumer title and contact information, including mailing target, phone number, fax number and/or current email address;
  • More information for identification matching and credit check purposes, such as for instance occupation, title of company, names and contact information for recommendations, assets, liabilities, earnings, past target, wide range of dependents, Social Insurance quantity (if supplied), date of delivery or license quantity;
  • Details about the account or loan, such as for example present and historic information, stability and indebtedness, account transaction history and comparable information and documents associated with the management of any inquiries or complaints;
  • Payment-related information such as for instance banking information; and
  • Such other information this is certainly needed for our identified purposes which is gathered along with your permission or as permitted or needed for legal reasons.

Goeasy may reveal information that is personal a wide range of circumstances, including:

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I Am going to Inform You The Fact About Increase Purchases In The Upcoming one minute

Ask effective tips to increase website sales consumers to take surveys. Questionnaires enable you to acquire information regarding your clients and find out where they are spending their time. Take this info and also use it to create better products for them. Find out what drives all of them and also what they discover very most beneficial.
Get the assistance of a purchases personnel. Sales team ought to know what creates a sale as well as which items are actually switching clients away. By collaborating, you may reach your client base quickly and create additional sales.
Offer as newsblogged much as you can. Stop considering “selling” and start thinking of “purchasing.” Ensure to make it possible for opportunity for orders to become placed and after that deal with the purchases as promptly as achievable.
Maintain the word “fresher” in thoughts. Lots of clients will come back a fresher item than a worn out one. Produce items that consumers prefer instead of aged things that have actually viewed much better days.
Item advertising and marketing belongs to the formula. Some people are shut off by advertising in the newspaper and also tv. Choose the media that folks have an interest in as well as include purchases to your existing purchases to enhance sales.
It is not unusual for folks to wonder exactly how to boost sales for a provider or even service. A lot of small companies have really little bit of loan to work with and therefore they do not have the additional money to put into sales individuals or marketing. You may use the pointers I have actually provided you in this particular article to come to be a productive as well as profitable salesman.

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5 Proven Technologies that Increase Your Business’s Efficiency

5 Proven Technologies that Increase Your Business’s Efficiency

Poor efficiency can make or break your business, especially if you’re only starting up. Ever since Adam Smith wrote about the ways in which a business can improve its efficiency to fuel growth, economists have held efficiency in high regard for good reason. Increasing your efficiency saves you money and increases your profits. Increased profits can be invested into increasing your growth. One of the easiest ways of increasing efficiency in contemporary business is to use a technology solution to automate processes and save you time. Here are five top technologies to look out for.
5 Proven Technologies that Increase Your Business’s Efficiency
CRM Tech
CRM, or customer relationship management, is a highly profitable endeavor (with great ROI): finding a new customer is far more expensive than selling to an existing customer, as there are set acquisition costs involved. Modern businesses need to nurture relationships with their customers, send follow-up emails, and know when to send special offers. This can be done naturally and intuitively, but when you’re operating at scale, it soon becomes infeasible.
Managing your customer relationship with a digital system can improve your efficiency massively, helping you to reap the benefits of CRM without expending lots of energy on it. You can try to create a CRM model yourself if you have a rudimentary programming ability or are an expert in digital spreadsheets, but this takes a bit of time to do and is recommended only if you’re revitalizing your business or just starting up. 
Accountancy Tech

George Cooper / April 25,2020

Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2020

Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2020

There are 9,216 startups and firms listed in Crunchbase right this moment who’re counting on machine studying for his or her major and ancillary functions, merchandise, and providers, a 6% enhance from 2019’s 8,705 startups & firms.  Synthetic Intelligence-related firms raised $16.5B in 2019, pushed by 695 offers in keeping with PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree Report, Q1 2020. Synthetic intelligence offers decreased in Q1, 2020, all the way down to 148 offers from 164 in This fall, 2019, in keeping with PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree Report, Q1 2020.

One in ten enterprises now makes use of ten or extra AI functions, with main use circumstances being chatbots, course of optimization, and fraud evaluation, in keeping with MMC Ventures. Open jobs requiring TensorFlow expertise is a helpful approach to quantify how prevalent machine studying is turning into in enterprise right this moment. There are 3,602 open positions within the U.S. on LinkedIn that require TensorFlow experience and 10,345 open positions worldwide as of right this moment. Open jobs on LinkedIn requesting machine studying experience within the U.S. additional replicate its rising dominance in all companies. There are 37,492 jobs within the U.S. right this moment, in keeping with LinkedIn, that checklist machine studying as a required ability, and 81,385 worldwide. Please see the newest roundup of machine studying forecasts and market estimates, 2020, for extra market knowledge on machine learnings’ exponential development.

Prime 25 Machine Studying Startups To Watch In 2020

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Why Project Management Is Important For Software Firms

Software development is kind of considered a new stream in the world of business as there is very little knowledge in building a software product. The market of software development changes so rapidly that it is certain to say that the preferences of one software in as much as they may be the best will differ from those of the same kind of software made elsewhere. This competition sets a stage where for a software developer to make some progress with what they do then there is just no other option than to ensure that you always stay on top of the game. This is where project management comes in handy. There is just so much need to have a working step-by-step formula that will help you come up with products that will push you up ranks on top of your competitors.
It is, of course, an essential part of software organization to ensure that the products you produce are of high quality while also keeping the coast client-budget-friendly and also ensuring that you work within the constraints of the time given. That is why product management is very crucial for software development. Even though the project manager may not be directly involved in the production of the end-product, he/she is quite responsible for how the project and end-product will be produced and when it will be produced.
Here are a few more importances of integrating Project management in software Development firms; 
Clear definition of the plans of the project before beginning the project.
In project management, the planning phase is a phase that cannot just be simply shoved to the side. The more complex a project proves to be, the more likelihood for chaos emerges. One of the things project management plays a key role in doing is mapping out a clear plan of the project from beginning to end in an attempt to curb the chaos.
Establishment of agreed schedules and plans.

George Cooper / January 20,2020

How to become a better manager: 4 practical tips

Whether you’re a Team Leader or a CEO, it’s good to set time apart to self-reflect and plan ahead. Here are 4 tips on how to become a better manager.
Few leaders have accomplished great things without their teams. Chances are that you have already established a healthy rhythm to talk with your employees about how things are going.
Perhaps they have already given you open, direct and honest feedback about how you can be a better leader. If you need tips to improve, we listed 4 tips:
1. Put employee morale time on your agenda
Here’s a hands-on tip for how to become a better leader: Open up your calendar right now and block some team-time every week, for the full year.
Use this time to connect with your team.
This tip comes from a Manager who has really, really nailed nurse engagement at their hospital. Her best advice? Get to know your team members.
Every week for about 10-15 minutes they take #TeamTime. The goal is for you as a leader to get to know your team members. But an equally important goal is for your team to get to know each other well too!
On a designated day, which in their case is Thursday, they take time out and perform Team building exercises:
“For several weeks we did a Show and Tell, which was well-received. People would bring in their collections, or tell a story about themselves. One lady brought in her knitting of scarves, and hats. We also just do little team building exercises that everyone seems to enjoy.”
“One week we did an exercise that was low/high impact with up-beat music. We played MadLib Mission Statement game, as well as The Barter Puzzle, Truth/Lie. Here is the link to a few of the games they employed over the last 7 months.”

George Cooper / January 20,2020

How to Get Into Business from Your Home: What It Takes

How to Get Into Business from Your Home: What It Takes

 What It Takes
Starting a new business can be exciting. As the economy continues to grow, this is a great time to be an entrepreneur.
Working from home is a dream for many people. Starting a home business is a way to turn this dream into a reality. After all, it combines the best of both worlds.
Learning how to get into business isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. The key is to understand a few crucial tips for getting started.
This article takes a look at going into business for yourself. Keep reading to discover some essential insight into the process.
Create Office Space
It’s crucial to keep in mind that when starting a business from home, it’s still a business. Many people find it a major challenge to focus it this familiar environment.
The key is to set aside a designated area for your office or to add on a new room. Either way, you can’t simply sit on the couch with the TV home and expect to be successful.
Establish a Disciplined Work Schedule
Again, discipline is a huge challenge when working from home. Especially when you’re the boss.
Starting a business from scratch will require working long hours and total commitment. That’s why having a set schedule is so important to make sure that you meet the demands for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Learn the Value of Networking
Never underestimate the power of networking. Working for yourself makes developing business contacts even more valuable.
Join community business groups. Learn to network online. Reach out to businesses in your area and be willing to share ideas that will help each other grow and flourish.
Be Your Own Tech Department


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