Comprehensive everyday personal financial planning that addresses vast “what if” scenarios, such as “what if” you had to or want to retire early, can help you make the best use of all your res to come to a confident decision. Here are six things to consider if you’re considering early retirement.

I know, you probably haven’t even driven one yet, let alone seriously contemplated buying one, so the prediction may sound a bit bold, but bear with me.

We are in the middle of the biggest revolution in motoring since Henry Ford’s first production line started turning back in 1913.

And it is likely to happen much more quickly than you imagine.

Many industry observers believe we have already passed the tipping point where sales of electric vehicles (EVs) will very rapidly overwhelm petrol and diesel cars.

It is certainly what the world’s big car makers think.

Jaguar plans to sell only electric cars from 2025, Volvo from 2030 and last week the British sportscar company Lotus said it would follow suit, selling only electric models from 2028.

And it isn’t just premium brands.

General Motors says it will make only electric vehicles by 2035, Ford says all vehicles sold in Europe will be electric by 2030 and VW says 70% of its sales will be electric by 2030.

This isn’t a fad, this isn’t greenwashing.

Yes, the fact many governments around the world are setting targets to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles gives impetus to the process.

But what makes the end of the internal combustion engine inevitable is a technological revolution. And technological revolutions tend to happen very quickly.

This revolution will be electric Look at the internet.

By my reckoning, the EV market is about where the internet was around the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Why electric cars will take over sooner than you think

It is without a doubt that Android is the most demanding mobile platform with an 85% share of Google Play Store’s market share of over 3.04 million apps ranging from daily tools such as calendars, web browsers, social media applications, and complicated games to business mobile apps.

The Android OS gets all the attention when designing a mobile app. In the coming years, Android applications are user-friendly and will lead the app business. The Android app development solution is changing with new trends and technology with the growing popularity and delivery of products and services.

The Android platform enables developers to integrate advanced technologies in Android applications to improve their efficiency. In addition, Android applications promote a more trendy user experience.

Android App development is evolving at rapid rates thanks to its increasing popularity. It has therefore become important for the companies to remain in competition in line with the contemporary developments.

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Android App Development Trends in 2021

Android Instant Apps

Instant apps are not unusual for developing Android apps but are nevertheless popular. Android Instant Apps usually allow users to test games or programs on their smartphones without them being installed. They prevent people from downloading the application and they can access the web quickly and directly without installing it.

What is Trending technology in Android 2021?

Moving from the place you spent most of your life must be hard. However, you should make the most of it. Leaving Florida is not such a bad thing considering certain factors that have an impact on life there. Anyway, there is no better way to organize your relocation than to ask Fort Lauderdale moving help as soon as you find out you’re relocating. Anyway, if you want to find out some useful tips before the move, including where to donate your food when moving from Florida, be sure to stick around.

Moving from Florida

To begin with, Florida truly is one of the country’s gems. It’s pretty gorgeous and every part of it is mesmerizing. Life in Florida is one of the best in all of the US. Still, some downsides could mess up your everyday life there. Even though relocation can be a hassle, there is no way you won’t manage if you know how to prepare. For instance, moving companies Davie FL are very experienced when it comes to relocating. They will gladly help you in case you need it.


If you live in Florida, you are over 18 and you are looking for a cheap quick and safe way to get urgent cash advance, in Florida is the right place. We do not guarantee any miracles, but we do promise verified information, friendly service and all the necessary details you need to find the right lender with lower rates and fees, affordable terms and convenient online and in-store application. All you need to do is fill out a simple form which is processed within several minutes and if approved you get the money into your bank account the same or the following day. Bad credit is not a problem. Neither is a credit check. Applying won't damage your credit history. And paying off the loan will even help you raise the score. 

Where to donate your food to people in need of loans when moving from Florida?

Every single fruit (and vegetable!) is a great option. Research has shown eating a minimum of four to five servings per day helps to boost mood and reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

Yes some people still find it difficult to eat fruits.

Many of us also miss out on sufficient dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all of which are found in abundance in produce. 

Potassium, for example, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and you’ll get it easily in bananas, prunes and cantaloupe. The fiber in fruit also supports better digestion and fills you up for fewer calories, making it a smart choice for your health overall and can help if you’re trying to lose weight.

Whether you choose fresh or frozen, make it your goal to get more fruit into every meal.

No matter how you slice it, eating more fruit can benefit your body and your mind, starting with these ideas.

(1) Watermelon

Watermelon is 92% water, making it a great choice for hydration. Your food provides about 20% of your fluid intake, and eating water-packed snacks like watermelon can help you avoid subtle, headache-spurring dehydration.

Because fruit is high in water, potassium and magnesium, it helps to offset excess sodium in your diet, too. 

(2) Apples

An apple a day may in fact keep your doctor away.

Top 11 healthiest fruits on Earth and there health benefits

Web optimization is all about bettering your natural site visitors. Analysis exhibits that there are organizations and people who need to make a sale, however they want extra guests from folks such as you to take action! That’s the place this course of is useful: it’ll assist deliver the best readers into contact with these companies by getting their websites ranked greater on engines like google—making them simpler for potential prospects to search out.

web optimization can be utilized as an efficient software when making an attempt to extend web site rankings throughout totally different channels resembling Google, Yahoo!, Bing and so forth., which can consequently lead in direction of elevated web site site visitors charges due its effectiveness of promoting itself by way of excessive rating placements inside in style web searches and web sites.

web optimization is altering

The digital panorama is altering at a fast tempo, and it may be arduous to maintain up with the developments. Certainly one of these modifications got here in 2011 when Google launched its Google Panda algorithm replace which was designed to decrease rankings for websites that had been deemed low-quality or skinny content material. This variation brought about many firms’ natural search engine site visitors ranges drop by as a lot as 75%. In response, entrepreneurs began using new methods resembling adjusting their hyperlink constructing technique so they may get extra backlinks from authoritative web sites as an alternative of simply spamming articles on varied weblog networks like WordPress or Blogger. The hope was this may assist them rank greater on SERPS (Search Engine Outcomes Pages) once more as a result of hyperlinks are nonetheless thought-about a technique SEOs construct authority on-line. 

web optimization requirements are as excessive as ever

SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2021

This summer, educators need to get some rest so that we can be our best. However, our professional accreditation requirements are still on track and need to be renewed, as we have to learn and up our abilities for the fall. As I look ahead to this summer and listen to educators, here are 21 hot topics that I think we should consider including in our summer PD. They fit into the categories of SEL, digital instruction, engagement/management, and leadership. 


Advancement Courses

Advancement Courses sponsored this blog post. All opinions are my own. If you enroll in any of the courses mentioned in this post, use the code COOL20 to receive 20% off of your course.

Plan Professional Development with Intentionality

Recently, while discussing the next steps for schools this fall with two instructional designers in the webinar “10 Ways to Move Learning Forward”, we identified ten considerations for school. (I’ve embedded the webinar below for you to review.) Many of the topics below were part of that conversation, including Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 

As a result of this webinar and some research of my own, I compiled this list which I hope will serve as a quick menu for you and the teachers at your school to select summer professional development that will help you grow and learn. I’ve also included courses from this blog post sponsor, Advancement Courses that meet the criteria for each topic.

Social-Emotional Learning

21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

Art is everywhere, especially in adventures. Learn to grab every opportunity to show your energy and vigor in doing things.

Now you are presented with an opportunity to do so: you join your friends in an out-of-town place—maybe somewhere the mountain peaks are to be marveled at, or somewhere the sun is shining, the beaches are warm, and the sands are pearly white. But, of course, you want this to be a memory that would last for a long time, so you decide to whip out your GoPro you brought with you and choose to record every single memory that is happening.

Sharing is not a problem for you, and you want the whole world to know how much fun you’re all having, but of course, you want it to be as impactful and appealing as those vlogs that you’ve been binging on YouTube and those posts that you’ve been admiring on Instagram.

If you’re no professional and don’t know how to make your videos a little better, then look no further because these Go Pro presets are here to save your day, just like Parker Arrow’s GoPro LUTs. You can check them out at These cinematics LUTs (Look Up Table) are sure to make your videos stand out from every other video out there, but let me teach you first how to apply these gems to your videos.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

How It Starts

How Do You Add Presets To A GoPro?

Ever wonder what your healthier self is capable of doing? A vegetarian diet for beginners can provide the answer to that. 
But let’s face it, every new beginning is difficult. The cravings, the inevitable planning, the additional shopping, and the cooking can make you relapse and miss out on a plethora of health benefits. 
So, how can you make your road to vegetarianism as easy and bump-free as possible? What’s the good and bad that awaits you on the other side? Read all about it in this complete guide for aspiring vegetarians!
Vegetarian Diet Plan for Beginners: What Is It? 
In short, vegetarians are people who adopt a strict diet that excludes anything meat derived for one of the following reasons:

Vegetarian Diet for Beginners — A Detailed Guide

How to Plant and Grow Potatoes (In Containers or the Ground)

Knowing how to plant potatoes correctly, including their depth, spacing, soil needs, sunlight, water, and temperature preferences, will get your harvest off to the best start possible and provide your family with food for months to come. Read on to learn how to plant potatoes the right way (including how to grow them in containers).

One of my favorite things about the pioneer lifestyle is growing our own food. But with recent biotech and GMOs sneaking into our food, it's not just about being frugal or the added health benefits (you did know homegrown vegetables and fruits have more nutrients, right?), it's about protecting our families.
Knowing how to grow enough food at home to feed my family for a year, having some basic gardening secrets tucked in your back pocket, knowing how to protect crops from common garden pests, and even how to grow a large scale garden without acreage will help get you headed down the right path to self-sufficiency.
Growing potatoes is just one small step in starting a vegetable garden.
Favorite Potato Varieties
If you haven't grown potatoes, now might be the perfect time to start. Many of you know I'm a firm believer in growing heirloom plants, and the potato is no exception. We have grown many varieties of potatoes over our 20 years of gardening, and we've settled on a few of our favorites…

How to Plant and Grow Potatoes (In Containers or the Ground)

The Irish, Welsh and Scottish languages face extinction

The Irish, Welsh and Scottish languages have been named in a new list of surprising languages that are at risk of disappearing.
The team behind language-learning app Busuu have highlighted 12 UK and European languages that are at risk of extinction in a bid to encourage the public to keep them alive.
Out of the approximately 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, linguists estimate that at least 43% are endangered or vulnerable to some extent, and will likely disappear in this century.
But it might surprise Brits to learn that amongst them are the Irish, Welsh and Scots languages.
Other regional vernaculars in and around the British Isles that are at risk of extinction include Cornish, Manx, Guernsey French, and Jersey French.
In Europe, variants of Flemish, Greek, German and Slovak are also vulnerable or endangered.
Belarusian is also classed as ‘Vulnerable’ as despite being spoken by around 4 million people, most Belarusians speak Russian at home.
Swiss German is the most at-risk European language on the list, and is classed as ‘Severely Endangered’. Although it’s estimated that around five million people speak the language in Switzerland, it is mostly by grandparents and older generations.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) uses a ranking system with six levels to determine how at-risk each language is around the world.
This system labels each language as either ‘Safe’, ‘Vulnerable’, ‘Definitely Endangered’, ‘Severely Endangered’, ‘Critically Endangered’ and ‘Extinct’.

The Irish, Welsh and Scottish languages face extinction


Dog Ate Jalapeno: What to Do?

Jalapenos are a type of pepper that contains capsaicin, giving jalapenos their spicy flavor. The pepper variety has an estimated 2500 SHU, making them quite spicy. As a pet owner, you want your pet to look healthy and cheerful all the time. And if your dog ate jalapeno, he may likely feel discomfort and appear less playful.

Stunning seaside glass mirage

Located on the Dutch North Sea coast, the new Inntel Hotel Den Haag Marina Beach in Scheveningen, is a seaside landmark like no other – and in no small measure, its outstanding visual qualities are thanks to a clever combination of glass products.

All You Need To Learn About Finance.

Finance is the study of money systems. It has been utilized since 3000 BC. Banks and the Babylonian empire were the earliest instances of money. They were made use of to keep valuables like grain and various other kinds of important products. The city of Uruk in Mesopotamia rely upon loaning and also passion to money trade.

Top 10 High Protein Snacks

Top 10 High Protein Snacks

Front Door Replacement Tips For You

If you plan to have a front door replacement and have no idea what to do, there is a guide to help you. Whenever you are wondering where to start, let’s provide you with all the details you need to get started. Front door replacement is not a huge task but definitely requires a lot of effort and thinking that goes beyond. 
Front Door Replacement Tips For You

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